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Meet the team
behind Undermyfork

Undermyfork is a software startup founded by Mike Ushakov and Eugene Molodkin

Mike Ushakov

Mike is a serial entrepreneur and founder of several software companies. He has worked in IT for the last 17 years in various positions including sales, journalism & PR, VC, and CEO. His latest venture, Metabar, was acquired by Yandex (NASDAQ:YNDX) in 2014.

Born to a family of prominent microbiologists and biochemists, Mike has always dreamed of using modern science to augment and enhance human nature. Building Undermyfork helps Mike fulfill that dream.

Eugene Molodkin

Eugene has been coding since high school. He’s built several sustainable digital products from scratch. He worked as a CTO for Metabar, coded the cutest chatbot-dietitian Forksy, and right now is on the mission to put data at work for millions of people with diabetes by building Undermyfork.

Our team and advisors

Elena Degtyar

Elena Degtyar, PhD

Chief scientist

Lena is a scientist (human microbiology and biochemistry) with over 15 years of experience in research labs in Israel and Germany and a dozen publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. After leaving the academic world, she became fascinated with nutrition, the psychology of eating, and helping people become healthier and happier. She is a founder of a science-based article database and an author of numerous online nutrition programs for people with various needs and goals.

She sees Undermyfork as a part of a new wave of personalized nutrition and self-tracking movement, and believes this wave is going to dominate the nutrition coaching market in the coming years.

Masha Formanyuk

Maria Formanyuk

Product & Marketing Advisor

With years of experience in journalism and digital marketing, Maria helps Undermyfork to reach out to people and build human-centered products. She loves how today's technology helps many of us feel better and live healthier, and how she can be a part of this change working with Undermyfork team.

Anna Nestrerova

Anna Nestrerova

Scientific writer

Anna is a strength and conditioning coach, and scientific writer. She had worked in the PR industry for 12 years before switching her career to health, nutrition, and well-being (as there’s nothing more important in our lives). Anna is a qualified sports coach and has taken various courses on nutrition and topics related to physical activity. She has two degrees and is currently working on getting her Master's Degree in Health and Social Care. Anna is sure that it’s a very simple thing for everyone to manage their health and mind; working on Undermyfork is her way to prove it.

Zhanna Slootsky

Zhanna Slootsky

Legal advisor

Zhanna is a legal advisor with over 15 years of experience in legal consulting in the field of corporate, commercial, and IT law. Zhanna’s practice includes advising high-tech companies on various aspects of their business activity all over the world. Zhanna likes that Undermyfork is an effective tool for people who have an intense lifestyle, who never have time to write down or plan their meals, and who may not yet understand how important it is.

Katerina Ivannikova, MD/PhD

Katerina Ivannikova, MD/PhD

Medical advisor

Katerina is a PhD in medicine with 10 years of practice as an endocrinologist and a dietitian. She specializes in diet management and glycemic control in diabetes patients. Katerina believes Undermyfork can become an affordable and effective tool for any person who aims to improve their health.

Elena Pestritskaya, MD/PhD

Elena Pestritskaya, MD/PhD

Medical advisor

Elena is a PhD in medicine, an experienced endocrinologist and a Chief Medical Officer at the personalized medicine clinic in Moscow. Among her patients there are people with diabetes, excessive weight problems and eating disorders, as well as the people who understand how food can be both the fuel and the cure for the body. She is happy to support Undermyfork in establishing the new frontier in personal healthcare and in helping diabetes patients ease the burden of calorie and carb counting, achieving better glycemic control and better quality of life.