Meet the team behind Undermyfork

Undermyfork is a software startup founded by Mike Ushakov and Eugene Molodkin

Mike Ushakov
  • 19 years in the tech industry
  • 2015-16: Yandex.Sovetnik, head of product (12x revenue growth in 18 months after Metabar’s acquisition, 50M+ active users now)
  • 2010-14: CEO of Metabar ($1m funding by Runa Capital, exit to Yandex with multiple return)
Eugene Molodkin
  • 12 years in full-stack software development + Data science/ML expert
  • 2015-16: Yandex, System Architect
  • 2010-14: founding developer & head of development in Metabar
Masha Formanyuk
Product and community manager, Moscow
Tanya Velikanova
QA Engineer, Amsterdam
Timur Torubarov
Senior AI/ML developer, Moscow
Daniel Pavlyuchenko
Senior Developer & Head of Undermyfork Care, Moscow
Lev Gryzhenkov
Junior developer, Moscow
Katerina Ivannikova, MD/PhD
Medical advisor, Moscow
Endocrinologist and dietitian, focuses on diet management and glycemic control in diabetes patients
Elena Degtyar, PhD
Chief Scientist, Berlin
Eating Psychology Coach, Nutritionist and Microbiologist
Elena Pestritskaya, MD/PhD
Medical advisor, Moscow
Endocrinologist, Chief Medical Officer at the personalized medicine clinic in Moscow
Anna Nesterova
Diabetes Educator, Litija
Scientific consultant, SektaSchool