Insights for better time in range

Snap your meals

Undermyfork lets you track what you eat in the simplest way possible: by taking photos of your meals. Tag your meal photos with keywords to compare your glycemic response to the same meals and situations

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See how your blood sugar changes

Undermyfork automatically combines glucose data from your CGM, FGM or BGM with the pictures of your meals and shows which meals drive you out your target range

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Auto-sync your blood glucose data

Undermyfork picks up your glucose readings from Apple Health. The following devices provide Apple Health sharing:

  • Dexcom CGM (G4, G5, G6) with a designated Dexcom app
  • Freestyle Libre with MiaoMiao or BluCon add-ons
  • any other meter, CGM, or app that shares glucose data with Apple Health

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Discover blood sugar insights

Undermyfork classifies your meals by postprandial time-in-range and lets you analyze which meal choices are the best for you. You can filter the insights by tags you have added on meal photos

Blood glucose insights